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Just before the holidays, Milwaukee-based indie pop group Before Nitrogen will release their new single “Running in the Forest” on December 17. The up-tempo, guitar and synth-heavy track is produced by Timothy Wolf (Keegan Calmes, Lex Allen, Clear Pioneer), and finds its anchor in the lyrics of hard-won optimism: “Even if my heart should break apart, I’ll find my mark, I’m running in the forest and I’m running in the dark”the band sings, staying true to their mission statement “Hope is Not Lost.”

“We started creating ‘Running in the Forest’ two years ago, at a time when it felt like the world was in a constant state of chaos,” lead-singer Sean McGibany says. “But in the past year, I feel like there’s been a subtle shift towards optimism – I’ve seen people excited about what they can accomplish in 2020. I’m encouraged, thinking of where that momentum might take our community and the world in the coming year, and I hope this song can find a home in that movement.”

Before Nitrogen was born out of that chaos in 2017 when McGibany began capturing his worries over the fiercely polarized political and social climate around the world in songs. “But I didn’t just want to wallow in fear, I wanted to create a way out through the songs and tell a story of hope prevailing in the end, even though the future was very uncertain in that moment” he says. Teaming up with friends Jack Reesman (guitar) and Joe Perdzock (DJ), the eclectic trio was born and have been pushing their optimistic indie pop blend ever since.

Their debut EP Elements was released in June of 2019, and the band quickly broke into the local music scene with performances at Bastille Days, Marquette University (2019 Battle of the Bands fan-choice winners), and Twisted Path Distillery. They will be releasing new music and playing shows around Wisconsin throughout 2020.









Sean McGibany

Jack Reesman