about Nitrogen


The short story:

hello. we are a band from Milwaukee. we are here to let you know that Hope is Not Lost.


The long story:

Is it foolish or courageous to pursue hope?

After years of struggling as a solo artist, Sean McGibany returned to Milwaukee to start a band. Together with grade school friends Jack Reesman on guitar and Joe Perdzock (“machine master”) on drum machine and sample pad, Before Nitrogen was born. The band arrives with a sound that asks “what if James Taylor was produced by Owl City?” and a story of hard-won optimism: “Hope is Not Lost.”

This theme is woven into all of the trio’s songs, which find characters on a journey from darkness to light. Some of them are confident, some of them are completely lost. Most are somewhere in between. But beyond the songs, the message is something the band strives to live out, trying to make their story heard in a challenging field.


The LONG story:

Nitrogen (represented as “N” on the periodic table) is by no means a flashy element. indeed, one could very easily argue that it is incredibly easy to overlook. it has neither the mass, electron number, volatility, Noble status, or undeniably catchy name as its friends Cesium, Krypton, Xenon, Rutherfordium, or Zinc. 

And yet, it is verifiably everywhere.

Nitrogen exists in a wide array of forms; most notably it makes up close to 80% of the air around you right now. it may be colorless, odorless, and harmless, but it bonds well with many other elements and it knows its friends.

Perhaps, then, Nitrogen has simply been waiting for its moment. hiding in plain sight waiting for the chance to make itself known the world. to tell the Story it has been sculpting for years upon years. 

it has decided that moment is now.